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Characteristics of Sustainable Ceilings


  • 100% Humidity Resistant
  • No visible sagging
  • 40 year color and form warranty
  • 100% reciclable, once the ceiling have done its life expectancy, 40 years, y me be returned to the factory to restart its cycle again. It may also be used in agriculture or to lightened concrete.
  • Asbestos Free, no celulose fibers, or any similar organic, its a 100% inorganic product.
  • Eurostone won’t aloud the generation of moho or bactareias, in any face. ASTM D 3273


The noise reduction coefficient NRC is a measure to qualify the overall sound absorption of a material when used in an enclosed architectural space where the sound is reflected at various angles of incidence.

  • NRC is important in an enclosed space where the problem is the reverberation time and the sound.
  • Level Higher values are best.
  • A surface with an NRC of 1 absorbs 100 % of the sound.
  • A surface with NRC of 0.65 absorbs 65 % of the sound .
  • NRC is measured according to ASTMC423



CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class)

CAC (Ceiling Attenuation Class)

The kind of attenuation of a ceiling CCA is a measure to describe the behavior of a ceiling system as a barrier to the passage of sound through a common plenum, between two adjacent enclosed spaces.

  • CAC is important in corridors, closed offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, offices, etc … usually with a wall that goes from floor to ceiling .
  • A ceiling system with CAC:
    < 25 is considered poor performance ≥ 35 is considered high performance
  • CAC is measured according to ASTM C 1414



  • High Light Reflectance ( LR ) – The light reflectance of a surface is the property of it to reflect light.
  • Measurement of light reflectance is the fraction of incident light reflected specifies that a surface ( definition in ASTM E 14T7 ) .
  • LR is measured according to ASTM E 14T7
  • EUROSTONE has a LR of 0.76 that is reflecting 76%

In work areas without natural light indirect light is recommended because it provides visual comfort to employees.

A ceiling with high light reflectance of over 75 % can contribute to the uniformity of illumination.


Fire Resistant

  • Class “A ” one hour
  • ” 0″ flame spread
  • ” 0″ smoke.
  • It does not contribute as fuel. (ASTM E 84 and E119 )

VALUE R 1.27 (ASTM C 177 )