Sustainable Ceiling EUROSTONE

We introduce you EUROSTONE the sustainable ceiling panel made from inorganic volcanic stone, without content of fibers or organiz components. They are perfect to solve acoustic ceilings and walls, attractive, healthy, sustainable and long-term applications.
Our ceiling it´s 24″ x 24″ inches thickness and 7/8″ with.
The most commercial model is Terric as is specified by Pemex, IMSS, IPN, CFE, among others.

We have 19 models and we can make special designs. It’s natural alkalinity inhibits the growth of mold or bacteria as well as of any microorganism.

Currently is a 100% Mexican Company


Clean Environments

Prevents the spread of mold and bacteria


Long Life Time

Keeps it chape and color for life time (40 years).


Moisture Resistant

Even in environments where humidity is very high (RH100).


Recycling Program

EuroStone offers a recycling program for this ceiling.


Our Projects

Some Benefits of our sustainable ceiling EUROSTONE

  • It is 100 % recyclable, once their useful life, it can be returned to the factory where it is recycled and re-start the process.

  • Doesn’t contain fibers or organic components or similar organic, is a 100 % inorganic.

  • Color is White Natural Integral also can be made to order in beige and gray.

  • No special environmental conditions, it can be installed in any stage of construction.

  • Keep them in a dry place and no sunny for the conservation of the package.

  • It has a factory warranty for 40 years, to maintain its dimensional stability.